About vCard Files

vCard files are contact format used to keep contact details and is supported by many devices & email application -  iPod®, cell phone, Palm® & Lotus Notes, and may other email application and address book application. vCard files are electronic contacts, which can be easily shared and forwarded to distant places. You are aware that vCard is a business card that is a repository of contact information such as, contact, name, contact number, contact image, house address, mobile number, job status, company name. You can use vcard file for importing and exporting contact information to other email and address book application.

Why vCard Import Export is needed ?

With the technological progression around the world, the internet too went a step ahead. Now the availability of internet is not merely limited to PC or laptop, but has extended to the application of iPod, cell phone and Blackberry. You have, much of your contacts information delivered to you through these means. Managing all vCard contacts in different places will became troublesome. Thus, it is always recommended to safeguard & backup all import contacts data in the form of vCard into Outlook (most preferable & smart email client).

Outlook by default offers Import Option to import vCard contact but that option is only limited to import one vCard at a time. Hence, for importing multiple vCard to Outlook, vCard Import is needed.

At the same time, users may also need to export Outlook Contacts to vCard file format. Reasons to export Outlook Contacts to vCard -

  • When users are moving from Outlook to different email client like - Lotus Notes, Mac Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, windows Mail they cannot afford to lose important Outlook contacts.
  • When users are moving from Windows to Mac OS, in Mac OS they will find email clients Mac Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail. All these email clients supports to store contacts in vCard format. Thus users will have to export Outlook contacts into vCard format.

Solution Available Equivalent to Needs

Give a try to our vCard Import Export Solution and help users to import vcard to Outlook and to export vcard from Outlook.

vCard Import Tool at PCVARE Labs

vCard Import Tool at PCVARE Labs

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